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Why don't they just let you play? MachineGames once again show that they can tell an engaging story to match the copious shooty slaughter. Modes include Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Payload — the latter seeing a team drive a bomb forward on a rail track, while their opponents desperately attempt to hold them back. I've played, works great, the only thing in few deathmatches had people cheating. There is an interesting story beneath it all, too.

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Infinite warfare, which takes the series into space for the first time, expect the series popularity to continue claiming its spot as one of the best online FPS games out there even though there was a lot of hate for it initially.

Battlefront carries with it the reputation of one of the most adored and best shooters of the last generation, with the previous game highly regarded for its blend of solid gunplay and space vehicle combat. The highly anticipated Destiny was somewhat of an anti-climax when it launched to mediocre reception back in Yet, Destiny still survived and currently supports one of the largest and most active gaming communities to be found anywhere in the online FPS multiplayer scene.

Destiny is now considered one of the best online FPS games, regardless of its early wobble. Destiny continues to receive updates and support that make Destiny well worth buying, even if you are late on the scene. Along with Call of Duty, Halo is a hallmark console shooter; a classic series that is as synonymous with first person shooter games as Mario is to platformers.

The multiplayer is both wonderfully smooth and responsive, but most importantly feels balanced and well thought out. Perhaps the most unique feature of Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer in comparison with other popular FPS shooters is that the game very much plays in the style of shooters from the mid s.

Halo 5 has a distinctly Unreal Tournament flavour to its combat; its design feeling traditional in its approach to level design with features such as each player starting with the same weapons, forcing the revision of weapon locations on each Halo 5 multiplayer map. Despite incorporating some distinctly Call of Duty features to Halo 5, the new Xbox One Halo game remains a refreshing change of pace from the tactical approach of rival shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, and Halo 5: Since going free to play in , there really is no reason to pass up on the hero shooter that really sparked the popularity in the genre.

No Team Fortress 2, no Overwatch! It really is that simple, relying heavily upon its colourful hero types and tight gameplay as opposed to the much or realistic and gritty aesthetic that other online shooters often present to the player. So jump in and enjoy! Destroying your opponents with huge guns has never been as fun!

DOOM multiplayer offers various game modes to keep gamers entertained along with a bunch of power-ups and teleporters to help you along the way of destruction. In the multiplayer mode of DOOM you collect experience points which in time allow you to unlock skins, new armour, weapons, and power-ups. Singleplayer is pretty wild to say the least. You can blow your enemies to bits with a super shotgun, slice them up with a chainsaw, beat their heads in with your fists.

Just as PC gaming had given birth to the first person genre with titles such as Wolfenstein and Doom, so too was it instrumental in pioneering competitive online multiplayer games. In many ways, the original Counter-Strike could be considered the granddaddy of all competitive online multiplayer shooters. Sure, games such as Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 had existed for many years prior, but Counter-Strike was the first game to popularise competitive squad based tactical gameplay, and it sparked a worldwide Counter-Strike community of epic proportions.

Counter-Strike pits a team of terrorists against a squad of counter-terrorists across several different game modes, with its bomb defuse mode by far and away the most popular. The popular online FPS game has gone through many different versions, some received better than others, but the latest version, Counter-Strike: GO has proved a success, harnessing the original games superb gameplay formula while adding some subtle improvements to attract new Counter-Strike players.

A word of warning: Counter-Strike has been around for over a decade, and the skill level is significantly higher than other online FPS shooters. The current version of the game is still in pre-alpha, but it already has a healthy and growing population of players.

The game brings new weapons and interesting powers to the arena-based format of the original, while focusing on classic modes like capture the flag and base assault. The game is in continual development with help from the community, and right now all modes and in-game items are free. After the full release a marketplace for mods and add-ons will help to support its continued upkeep. Most of the included modes are team-based player-versus-player affairs, but those looking for less confrontational action can shoot hordes of zombies in co-op or AI opponents for practice.

A short power-up allows players to instantly hone in on objectives and see enemies through walls. Weapons and cosmetic items can be purchased with real money or in-game currency. If you prefer your shooters with a little MMO on the side, this game can throw you into a server with thousands of other players at once.

An RPG-style progression system rewards players who are in it for the long haul, specializing in specific combat roles. Four classes duke it out in player-versus-player or player-versus-environment modes.

Players and weapons have cosmetic skins. Weapons can be upgraded via attachments, which can be rented or purchased with in-game credits and premium currency bought with real money.

There are also experience boosters and permanent paid DLC upgrades available on steam. Each team has a computer-controlled giant monster that functions as both its home base to be defended and its ultimate attack weapon. If you want to play a shooter with unique character designs, distinct combat roles, and a focus on strategy over pure combat, this is it.

Cosmetic skins can also be purchased in the same way. The characters have distinct powers but separate into broad roles. Additional characters, cosmetics, and cards can be purchased with premium currency. The game is in beta at the moment.

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