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Can you pick a winner in each one of these thrilling races? Place your bets and find out if your horse will be the first one across the finish line in this racing simulation game. Five Nights at Freddy's. My Dolphin Show 8. Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Pick horses, study odds and make bets on horse racing games online. Experience a whole new way to bet at the horse races with innovative games like Golden Derby and Premiere Racing right from the comfort of your own home.

Horse Racing consists of two or more jockeys on horseback in a race with a predetermined distance. Horse Racing has been around for over 2 thousand years and goes all the way back to the ancient civilizations. Because of the many cultures and their influence on racing, many present day countries have traditional races that go back to ancient times. Races can be based on many variables such as age of horse, breed of horse, types of tracks and distances.

Betting on Horse Racing might seem complicated at first but once you get involved and start making some bets with the help of others, you will start getting the gist of the bets. Place — You are betting on your horse to come in first or second. Show — You are betting on your horse to come in first, second OR third. This drops your return on your bet much more. These bets include, exacta, trifecta, quinella and superfecta. To make a profession of betting on the horses there has to be a lot of time, research and knowledge involved, which is far from going to the track and throwing a few dollars on win, place or show.

Because of the so many variables involved in a horse race, it might take years before you become even a novice gambler. With this being said, sometimes there is too much information to process and there is information overload. These are some things to consider when betting on a horse and the variables which influence the outcome of the race. These include but are not limited to weather, temperature, humidity, track condition, track surface, handicap, health of the horse and jockey.

Without getting into their long and laborious definitions, I will just stick with the terminology itself and you are more than welcome to find their meanings.

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