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The program includes a realistic 3D casino play, 35 drills, tournament play, expert methods and real shuffle. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. Now, this is no biggie--if anything, this discussion has deepened my understanding of a composition dependent approach with the 12 v 4. The only thing this program actually trains you for is the fact that Casinos are as dishonest as the creators of this program is. It will do it. It's a hardcore blackjack simulation and diagnosis tool, a learning tool, an experiment, a lab. Pros Dunno; the demo isn't actually free Cons Company lies and says they offer a free demo.

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Now I understand that any negative count would drive a player to hit a 12 v 4; and, I like the Wizards suggestion "Oh, there is 12 vs 4. Scan the table and hit it if there are more face cards out than s. Can anybody explain the difference? Nemo Omnibus Horis Sapit. Nov 11, Threads: February 6th, at 1: Looking at the composition-dependent return tables for 6-decks S17 , it seems that hitting is the better choice for 10,2 vs 4, while standing is the better choice for all other 2-card compositions 9,3 8,4 and 7,5 as well as presumably all 3-card and more compositions.

I think overall, taking in to account the frequency of the compositions, standing is the better play. It seems that many have come to this conclusion, including the Wizard with his basic strategy. I am not sure why Casino Verite is bucking the trend, but perhaps they only factor in the 10,2 composition. Also I think you are referencing me in that quote, here is the thread for the benefit of other readers: Note that both of these 'table counts' will only reduce the house edge by a small amount.

Jan 14, Threads: February 6th, at 8: The cheat sheets are based on sums of player cards, not individual compositions. The expected values for each move are: See Fine points of basic strategy Appendix 3 Two cards exception rule 5. The software must be using composition dependent calculations, and not dependent on a simple sum. Blackjack and Card Counting Forums.

People say it's the best software to practice realistic blackjack. My question to experts who has tried this , does it resemble real blackjack, one you guys play in casino in vegas or atlantic city? It has got very good reviews but I want to know from you guys before I buy it. It's fully programmable, so you can change all rules and settings to mimic the game you intend to play.

As far as being realistic goes, it's about as good as you're going to get on a computer screen. Download the demo and try it out. Lonesome Gambler , Feb 20, Thanks guys, I'm trying to improve my skills.

I don't know how to count cards, but before I get into that, I want to make sure I have a solid strategy and I don't mess it up. I bought a printed copy of the book as there was just, quite frankly, TOO much information to digest on the computer screen.

It was well worth it, and got me more interested in the technical side of blackjack. To those complaining that the software is "not fun", or is "too complex", I must say that this software was not geared towards you. The software is meant to be used as a learning and simulation tool, not a casual blackjack game. You can use it as such, to be sure, but it's much much beyond that.

It's a hardcore blackjack simulation and diagnosis tool, a learning tool, an experiment, a lab. It's whatever you want it to be.

It's a simulator, and it lends itself to simulating almost any conditions in blackjack you can imagine. Want to simulate 5 other players along with you, some playing "by the book" and others acting like they're newbies, while one acting flat out drunk with his decision making?

It will do it. Want to simulate the dealer making mistakes every now and then and either paying you out on a loss, or taking your money on a push or win?

Want to simulate the pit bosses and casino security noticing your card counting, and watching you close? It's obvious he set his price point to be in line with the middle-of-the-road of casual novice gamers who are fine with Microsoft Solitaire, and those that make a lot of money playing blackjack professionally. The amount of time and effort that apparently went into this game is well worth it. The market is fairly small, and the price has to be appropriate in order to at least be compensated for time.

As a programmer myself, it is obvious that this game was written primarily for fun and to write a simulator for himself and friends I assume , and the author decided to market it to the public. It's main target is hardcore blackjack players, plain and simple. It is elite software for blackjack. To those saying that the demo isn't fully functional, it is for the most part except that 5s are replaced with 6s or something like that.

It's like that, because it must be crippled in SOME way, otherwise very few would buy it as it would be fully functional and as such, would be free ware at that point. If you spent thousands of hours programming a piece of software such as this, and intended to try and at least recoup some of your precious time in the form of money, would you offer the demo completely uninhibited and fully functional with no form of crippling such as time limitation or some software issue like switching value of cards?

I was on the fence about buying this software for some time, and had just seen it in the demo. I'm glad I did. Norm Wattenberger's book is excellent too -- if you want to read it for free you can on his site, or you can order the printed book like I did. Definitely a great book, not as entertaining of course as many blackjack books although it does have anecdotes and such , but extremely educational.

Between the software and the book I was able to branch out and learn more, and now play a LOT of casino blackjack at the "green chip" level. Thanks for all the hard work, Norm. Was this review helpful? Highly recommended software for card counters. Right now a make money in the casinos. Always be aware you got a good penetracion on the table. Thanks a lot to QFIT. Not the flashiest but more than acceptable. Game's got just about any rule you can think of, so if for some reason your favorite casino's not on the list, customize away.

There are so many stats and tools, but beginners can ignore most of it. I wish there were a way to customize card-counting, which doesn't seem to be able to support simplified systems like Red 7. Oh, and it's a little pricey for the casual player. Reply to this review Read reply 1.

Company lies and says they offer a free demo. The only thing this program actually trains you for is the fact that Casinos are as dishonest as the creators of this program is. Of course the demo is free. There is no lie.

The demo clearly states that Fives are replaced by Jacks.

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