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The lower the number the better, as a slot machine with a hit frequency of 3 can be expected to payout on average, one out of three spins. Slot Talk - Slot talk is slots player slang for the trading of slots information between players and slots hosts. Hold Percentage - Hold percentage is a term referring to how much of a players money the casino keeps. As players play these slot machines in the different locations, the jackpot increases in each machine. Coins - Coins for slots come in many denominations from a penny to five dollars or more.

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Slots Sites typically refer to online casino websites which specialize or deal exclusively in offering slot games, often at the exclusion of other games. Casino Sites are websites which offer casino games, usually referred to as online casinos, offering a virtual replica of traditional casinos. No wagering casinos are online casinos that offer customers various bonuses, promotions and other offers that are not subject to any wagering requirements.

Paypal casinos are simply an online casino that accepts PayPal, an online payment merchant, as a viable payment method for players. Gambling licence conditions are the terms under which a gambling service, casino or operator is allowed to operate and to which they must adhere.

A gaming table is a piece of casino equipment used to play the various games on offer, such as poker, roulette or blackjack. It is a game which involves a ball being spun around a wheel containing numbers from zero to 36 which are coloured either black or red. Players can place bets on the table cloth, known as the layout, using chips. Slots are gambling devices with mechanical reels, or digital onscreen representations of reels, that spin when activated.

Typically there are 3 or 5 reels, and on each of the reels there are various symbols, and the slot machine pays off according to winning combinations when these symbols line up in specifically designated […]. What is Sports Betting? Sports betting is the umbrella term used for the betting action involved with the prediction of a sporting event and placing a wager on the outcome of that event in order to win money.

As one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world, sports betting typically involves wagers […]. What Does it mean to Gamble Online? This internet-based form of gambling that has become extremely popular with players on an international level for many reasons.

Players using their desktop or laptop computers, and any number of hand-held mobile devices, combined with an internet connection to gambling online, can play a wide range of casino […]. Gambling is what a person does when wagering money, or something else of value, on the prediction of an event where the outcome is uncertain.

The three elements of gambling are thought, possibility, and interest. Gambling involves taking a chance on […]. What is a VR Casino? A VR Casino is an online Virtual Reality Casino where gambling games can be played using a virtual reality device, such as a headset or in an arcade booth.

Virtual reality is achieved by using advanced technologies involving 3D graphics, which gives you an onscreen display of a degree […]. What are Free Spins? Simply put, Free Spins are spins on any slot machine that you do not have to pay for out of your pocket.

They are rewarded both as part of a promotion or while playing a slot game with a Free Spins bonus feature. Instead of giving away free bonus money, some […]. What is French Roulette? With a house edge of only 1. It is essentially the same as European Roulette, with a few differences including the table layout, and there is a series of call bets that are unique to this variation. What is a Video Slot? A Video Slot is a gaming device very similar in principle to that of a slot machine.

You play them same way you would a traditional classic slot machine, with the same goal, and that is to have fun trying to win some money. These machines are onscreen graphical representations […].

Internationally famous tournaments like the World Series of Poker play this […]. What is Three Card Poker? It was originally named Casino Brag, because Mr.

Webb drew his inspiration from a game named 3 Card Brag. Video Poker is a gambling device found in land-based and online casinos, and is similar to a slot machine because they are not only easy to play, they require no interaction with a dealer or other players.

Also, the card combinations are governed by a Random Number Generator, just like a […]. These machines can be penny slots all the way up to five dollar slots. Cold Slots - Cold slots is a reference to slot machines that do not pay out very often or tight slots. Collect - Collect is usually a button or option on the slot machine that enables the slots player to convert their credits into cash. Comps - Slots players who are members of the slot clubs in casinos are generally rewarded with free rooms, meals and other gifts for the amount of slot machine playing they do.

Console Slot Machines - Console slots are designed to be more comfortable for the player by angling the machine down towards the player. Credits - Credits are what the coins are converted to once they are in the machine. For example, on a nickel slot machine, when a dollar is inserted into the machine, the player will then have twenty credits on that machine.

Denomination - Denomination is the value of each credit played on a particular slot machine. Dollar slots are one dollar denomination slots. Doubles - Doubles also triples are usually references to symbols on the slot machines that when they come up two or three at a time, double or triple the winning amount is won. Fixed Value Slots - Fixed value slots are slot machines where the betting amount and coin size cannot be altered.

These slot machines are one denomination, one coin per spin. Five Liner - A five liner is a slot machine that contains three reels where players can win on up to five payout lines. There are two diagonal payout lines as well as three horizontal payout lines on a five liner. Free Spin - Free spins are usually offered as a bonus feature on bonus slot machines.

Games Per Hour - On average, slots players can play about five hundred games per hour on a standard coin operated slot machine. Depending on the style of slot machine and the player, the games per hour can fluctuate. Hammer A Machine - To hammer a machine is slot player slang for playing the same slot for a long period of time, usually in an attempt to win a large progressive jackpot. Hit Frequency - The hit frequency of a slot machine is a reference to how often a particular slot machine pays out on average.

The lower the number the better, as a slot machine with a hit frequency of 3 can be expected to payout on average, one out of three spins. Hold Percentage - Hold percentage is a term referring to how much of a players money the casino keeps. Hot Slots - Hot slots is a reference to slot machines that are loose or payout more often that other slots.

Instant Winner - An instant winner is an on the spot jackpot rather than an annuity jackpot where the jackpot is paid out over a number of years. Line Bet - A line bet refers to the activated paylines on multiple payline slot machines. Usually max bets must be played to activate all the paylines on these kinds of slot machines. Linked Progressive Jackpot - A linked progressive jackpot or wide area progressive is two or more slot machines whose progressive jackpots are linked.

Loose Slots -Loose slots is a reference that refers to how often a particular slot machine pays out. A loose slot machine can be expected to win more often than a tight slot machine. Multi-line Bonus Slot Machine - A multi-line bonus slot machines are slots that offer more than one payline. Some multi-line bonus slots have as many as fifty paylines. Multiplier - Multiplier refers to a bonus slot machine feature where payouts can be multiplied up to ten times on a bonus win.

Near Miss - A near miss is when a winning combination on a slot machine almost lands. Nudge Slot - A nudge slot machine will move the winning combination up or down that little nudge that it needs. One Armed Bandit - The one armed bandit is a slots players slang for a slot machine.

One Liner - One liner is a term that refers to a slot machine with only one reel where players line up three symbols to win. Onesies - Onesies is slot player slang for a slots player who plays only one coin or one credit at a time for each spin of the slot machine reels. Payback Percentage - Payback percentage is a reference to the amount of money a slot machine should return to slots players over a period of time.

Payline - The payline is the line at which winning combinations on the slot machine reels must land in order to win the payout amount. Payout - The payout is the amount won for a winning combination on the slot machine. Pay Table - The pay table is the sign on the slot machine that tells what all the different winning combinations are and how many credits they each win.

Primary Jackpot - The primary jackpot is the highest payout prize that a player can win on a particular slot machine. Progressive Slot Machines - Progressive slots have a jackpot that continues to grow until it is won. Any Craps — a single-roll single-unit bet on 2, 3, or 12 showing on the next roll. Pays 7 to 1.

Any Seven — a single-roll bet on 7 showing on the next roll. Pays 4 to 1. Big 6 or Big 8 — self-service bets on 6 or 8.

Pays 1 to 1. Box Numbers — 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, also called Point Numbers. Come Out Roll — the first roll in a new craps game. Crap — slang for the numbers 2, 3, and Hardway Bet — a bet that pairs will roll before a non-pair combination.

Pays out differently depending on the number involved. Inside — slang for the numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9. Line Bet — a wager on the pass line. Little Joe — slang for the number 4. Outside — slang for the numbers 4, 5, 9, and Pass Line — a common wager that wins when a 7 or 11 shows on the come out roll and loses when the 2, 3, or 12 shows on the come out roll.

Point — the box number established by the come out roll. Snake Eyes — slang for a roll of 2. Stickman — the employee that calls the number and controls the dice. Bonus Game — a secondary event in a slot game; usually results in special prizes. Buy-A-Pay — any machine that has different prizes available for multi-coin wagers. Carousel — a group of slot machines. Credit — a betting unit, also known as a coin. Hit — slang for a win or for a winning combo of symbols.

Max Bet — the maximum amount of credits that can be bet per spin. Multi-line Game — a slot with more than one pay line. Multiplier — a feature that increases the size of a payout. Pay Line — an imaginary line on which symbols must appear in specific combinations to win prizes.

Pay Table — the posted payouts for each winning combination. Progressive Jackpot — a jackpot that increases in size as people play the game.

Wild Symbol — any symbol that fills in for any other symbol to form winning combinations. Video Poker Glossary Video poker is a popular modern game. Bonus Poker — variant with bonuses for certain high-value cards. Deuces Wild Poker — video poker variant in which all twos are wild cards.

Double Bonus Poker — a popular video poker variant in which certain bonus payments are available on high-value hands. Double Double Bonus Poker — popular video poker variant that increases returns by use of a kicker.

Flush — a hand consisting of suited cards. Full House — a hand consisting of a three of a kind with a pair. Joker Poker — a variant of video poker that includes a single wild card. Natural Royal — royal flush hands without wild cards. Straight — a hand made up of cards in rank order; an example is 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Straight Flush — a Straight made up of suited cards. Wild Royal — royal flushes that include wildcards; less valuable than natural royals. Roulette Glossary Roulette may not be as popular today as it was 50 or years ago, but the game still has a loyal following.

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