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How do you know what kind of slot is for you? Believe it or not, there are tons of free slot and table games available online and for those of you interested in playing them just for fun, without that real money investment, there just as many options for you! It covers what players can do to make their dreams of being a casino owner a reality. The most basic winning hand is a pair of face cards, which usually returns the player's wager. The house edge is about 2.

What kind of slot is for you?

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You might also want to ask yourself what you hope to get out of all of this. Are you playing online slots for leisure, or to pass the time? Or are you playing in hope of landing that mighty big jackpot. Another good question to ask is how much you are planning on setting aside to play. If you only have a shoestring budget, then the slot you choose should complement that. If money is no issue, you can pretty much play what you like.

Those questions should all be answered, in order to help you find the type of slot that you want. Slots come in many themes. Some have licenses and are based on Hollywood movies or television shows. Others are themed after comic books and video games, also licensed. A few are not licensed, but still themed after the above, and it shows! Some slot machines simply have a generic theme, and they could be Irish luck themed, whilst others offer bank heist and gangster themes.

Some slots have a lavish lifestyle theme, and others are just bizarre and wacky. The theme of the slot is down to you, but it should not be the sole deciding factor when you pick a slot to play. How do you go about that? Firstly you will need to understand how wagers work. Coin denominations are worth what you decide them to be, in many slots. You must first choose the value of your coins, before you do anything else. Coin values typically range from 0.

Think of this step like putting coins into a real land-based slot machine. What value of coins would you put in? Once you have decided how much your coins are worth, you will need to determine how many of them you are going to spend on each payline. Others will let you add up to 10 coins per payline, or sometimes more. This is known as making a line bet. You must then decide on the number of paylines that you wish to play with. Most classic slots only have the one, making this step redundant.

Video slots though, have multiple paylines. Normally, most players use all of them. Most video slots have 25 paylines, although some offer several hundred. A line bet is placed for every payline you select. In this case, the slot will automatically have a minimum wager for all of the paylines to be selected.

It is generally around 0, Remember that in most slots with less than lines, your bet is going to be multiplied by every line you add. If all of those steps are complete, you are ready to play. You will notice that your total bet or total stake , is somewhat higher now.

Your total bet is made up of the value of your coins, and how many you have chosen to bet per line, multiplied by the number of lines. For example, if you have your coin value set at 0. If you choose a coin value of 0. Once you hit the spin button, the reels in the game start to spin, and icons will go whizzing past on them.

This is the same whether you play classic or video slots. When the reels stop spinning, the aim is to match as many of the icons on any active payline as possible. Generally, you need three matching icons on the first, second and third reel to win.

Of course, if you land 4 or 5 matches, you will win even more money. Remember, they need to be on a payline, which is a route literally a line that the symbols have to be on across the reels. Some icons are worth more money than others if you match them, and some of those icons have special features.

Wild icons are special symbols. These icons can replace any other symbol in the game. If you have a wild icon, it will automatically turn itself into the most required icon to offer a win. Think of it as a joker in poker. Wilds come in many shapes and forms.

Some award the jackpot, if you land 5 or more on a payline. Bay Casino offers a beautiful and comfortable smoke-free environment. Bay Casino hosts two casino floors and 49 card tables, offering guests a variety of exciting card games and daily tournaments.

The wide variety of betting limits allows everyone, from novice to seasoned player, to find just the right gaming action. Our gaming floors are complemented by conveniently located large-screen HD plasma TVs. Bay Casino is where the stars play. Drop in and play. The daily card games played here are listed below. The dealers, the staff, and the floor people make a person feel comfortable.

Bay Casino has several daily tournaments. Every year, Bay Casino hosts the Shooting Star, a week of events in which local pokerists compete with world-renowned pros and celebrities from the worlds of entertainment and sports.

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