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My paypal address is k59lane yahoo. Now here comes the part that trips me out and what nobody else seems to remember. At first, Black Jack stated that his name was George Stevens and that the would-be robbery was his first attempt at a hold up and a mighty poor one. So, fresh from a successful train heist in in Southern Texas, Tom now joined by Sam and the rest of his gang found what they thought would be the perfect spot for a train heist, a section of the tracks called the Twin Mountains Bend between Folsom and Des Moines, New Mexico. The only other recorded example was in England in My blog has pics. Twins for the Rancher.

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There they engaged in a gun battle were Sam was seriously wounded. His injuries slowed him down and he was captured and sent to the Santa Fe Territorial Prison where he died of his gunshot wounds. The train conductor recognized him and shot him off his horse. Badly wounded, he was captured and transported to a medical facility in Trinidad, Colorado. His right arm had to be amputated.

He was nursed back to health and sent to Clayton, New Mexico were he was tried in April of for attempted train robbery. He was found guilty. People came from miles around to view the execution but the town of Clayton had no experience with hanging a man.

They forgot to remove a sandbag that had been used to test the rope—which caused it to be as rigid as wire, when Black Jack fell through the drop he was immediately decapitated.

The black hood tied around him was the only thing that prevented his head from rolling away. A photograph was taken that became a popular postcard. But considering Thomas Ketchum was a murderer—justice was done. Years later, a group of boy scouts were backpacking across Philmont Ranch. They decided to camp there for the night. Their leaders pitched their tents several yards away at a designated campsite.

The boys built a fire, and one of their group told stories about Black Jack and his gang of outlaws. As the fire turned to red coals, the campers one by one zipped themselves into sleeping bags, by the light of the full moon, and fell asleep. All of the bad guys below had parents, grandparents, siblings. Some had wives and children. Nevertheless, studying the past and the kinds of people about whom we write is almost a sacred trust for many of us who write historical fiction.

Only by familiarizing ourselves with the larger-than-life and the mundane can we give any authority or verisimilitude to the fictional lives we create. It is a debt I owe for my wild, reckless life. Hanged in Giddings, Texas, Oct.

Decapitated during hanging for train robbery, Clayton, New Mexico, April 26, I look at it as a business proposition, and I think I have a corner on the market. Hanged in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Nov. Lynched in Ada, Oklahoma, April 19, , for the contract killing of a former U.

It is wild with adventure. Image credits Black Jack Ketchum: Wyoming State Archives Henry Starr: University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Black Jack Ketchum as a young man. University of New Mexico. However, their leader insisted that they stay at a nearby-designated site. They set up camp under the overhang and built a fire, where they sat around talking about their trip.

When the fire burned down to nothing more than red coals, the scouts settled down in their sleeping bags. The storyteller drifted off to sleep thinking about Black Jack.

Suddenly, he was awakened by a noise in the bushes. He said that he felt paralyzed, unable to move and tried to call out to the others, but his throat was all knotted up. Photo by Sheri Verrett. Then he saw a cowboy, dressed all in black come running out of the bushes toward the hide out.

He said the man was mostly solid but some parts of him appeared translucent. His face was very red, glistening with sweat, with lots of facial hair and the apparition held a revolver. The cowboy was apparently unaware of the scout, but the boy was very scared, as much by his inability to move than by the man. As he watched, a strange fog emanated from the tree line across from a small stream and he could hear men yelling unintelligently, and then muffled gunfire.

The cowboy turned and fired his revolver six times into the trees and then ran and stood right over the scout.

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