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Carl and Frank, who had had enough, angrily closed in on Sid, who tried to offer them pine cones to make up for his mistake, taking one in his hand and putting it in an angry Frank's mouth, closing his jaws for him before he ran as fast as he could from the two rhinos. Sid bumped into a lone mammoth named Manfred , who stood at the edge of a cliff and pleaded to the mammoth to hide him from the rhinos, who stood not far off, but Manfred, uninterested in helping the sloth, would not.

The rhinos, however, wanted to injure Sid, despite Manfred's observation that they were herbivores: Sid, challenging them further, picked up a rock and threw it at them, but it landed on the sinkhole, showing that it was dry and hardened. Aghast, Sid asked Manfred if he was bluffing, which the mammoth confirmed.

The mammoth staved off the two rhinos by throwing them aside but Sid, in celebration, jumped on his face, pushing both mammoth and sloth over the cliff, where they slid off, landing at the bottom. Sid then offered to join up with him south to the migration but Manfred was not interested, preferring instead to keep wandering further north. Sid thanked Manfred for his help and walked off but the rhinos, still at the top of the cliff, caused Sid to change his mind.

Sid instead joined Manfred, who pointed out that Sid was only following him for protection, but Sid, unfazed, asked Manfred to lead the way, giving him the nickname "Manny" and walked on with him, to Manny's dismay, who told the sloth to stop following him, which Sid replied to by stating that he'd be quiet the whole way through. Further on, Sid and Manny found a place to stop for the night, the mammoth carrying a number of heavy logs with his trunk and Sid dragging a single stick with much effort.

Manny asked if Sid really expected the stick to serve as shelter but Sid had other plans, with the stick he would make fire. That night the rains came down hard, leaving Sid out in the cold, still rubbing the two sticks together out in the rain while Manny lay in a shelter he made from the logs. Sid gave up trying to make fire and asked Manny if he could squeeze in with him, but Manny was not interested in sharing his space, asking Sid if there were any others that he could pester.

Manny pulled the sloth off and dropped him outside. Out in the rain, Sid asked if Manny had any family, which prompted Manny to silently turn around in his shelter. The next morning, Sid and Manny still continued walking on through trees, Sid eating an apple and relating to Manny about how he preferred not to mate for life: Manny remarked that if Sid ever found a mate he should be loyal and more importantly grateful. Throwing the apple aside, Sid remarked that mating for life was pointless and as he said more, he bumped into Manny, who had stopped walking and was staring at a human woman who lay exhausted in a creek.

The human woman, though weakened, managed to push a small bundle towards Manny, which he saw to be a human baby. Sid remarked that the baby was all right but then saw that his mother, after having been in the creek, disappeared.

Manny, on the other hand, was not interested in helping Sid with anything: Sid, bothered at this, decided to return the baby alone, scaling the cliff wall to reach the human camp. While trying to climb the cliff, which proved a harder task than it seemed, the baby slipped out of his bundles and Sid, having nearly dropped the baby, caught him with his foot, calling out to Manny to catch the baby.

The baby slipped off and fell towards Manny, who was ready to catch him but a saber-tooth tiger caught the baby instead; at this, Manny pulled the baby away, causing the saber to growl in anger before speaking to Manny: Sid, trying to climb down from the cliff, stated that the baby belonged to Manny and himself before falling down and landing on his head.

Manny called out that he and Sid were not affiliated with one another and Sid pulled the baby away from the saber, who stated that he was trying to return the baby to his herd, which Sid did not believe: Manny and Sid left the scene with the baby, quarreling all the way up as to why Sid still stayed around with Manny, which prompted Sid to state that Manny must be stressed, explaining his weight, which Manny denied, stating that he wasn't fat.

Once they reached the edge, Sid, carrying the baby, stated that they should be certain the humans saw their baby, which Sid pushed up the edge: Manny, to make sure of it, threw Sid over the ledge, which Sid protested before he was thrown, landing on the rocky ground, calling out for the humans not to spear him. The camp, however, was abandoned and Diego quickly turned up on the scene to remind them of it.

Sid, however, walked about the camp, trying to find clues as to where the humans went, to which Diego asked whether or not Sid knew how to track, which Sid dismissed by stating that he knew little. Diego, examining a stick, stated that it was still green, meaning that the humans had headed north two hours back, Sid mocking the saber by placing two sticks in his mouth, imitating Diego's fangs.

Diego then tried to persuade Manny to give the baby over, but Manny, unconvinced that Diego meant well, would not; Diego then convinced Manny that he could track humans better and could get them there much faster. Sid, trying to put some distance between himself and Diego, attempted to speak to Manny but Manny would not listen, leaving the sloth behind him.

Diego then threatened Sid by stating that "Jumbo" would not always be around to protect Sid, stating that someday he would attack Sid; with that, Diego was called to the front of Manny where the mammoth could keep an eye on him. Sid, who was holding the baby upside-down, set the baby down on a stump and noted that his nose was dry, meaning among animals that something was wrong with him.

Sid remarked that the diaper was clean all along and laughed at his prank, which earned him a trunk to the head from Manny, who swatted annoyed at Sid.

Just then, in the bushes ahead, a melon appeared which Manny picked up and held before a dodo , emerging from the bushes, took it away and left the scene. The dodo was taking it to a vast flock of other dodos, all of which were stockpiling food and engaging in exercises for the upcoming ice age. Manny, Sid and Diego reached the dodos and Manny asked for the melon back but was refused by one of the dodos, who insisted that they were readying food for the ice ages.

Manny noted that they only had three melons and the dodos, in response, began slowly striding towards him and while they did, one dodo, who was standing atop one of the melons, lost his footing and fell, rolling the melon towards the baby, who Sid set down on the ground. The baby caught the melon, but the other dodos went to take it back, one of them kicking it out of the baby's grip and off a cliff, where a number of them, anxious to get their melon back, ran off it.

During the confusion, Sid reached for a melon but was quickly ambushed by a number of the birds, who took the melon away from him and themselves fell into a nearby smoldering pit, along with the melon. Finally, there was but one melon left and Sid held it: In pain, Manny sent the melon flying in the air where it flew until it fell back down, hitting several dodos on the head until it was caught by Sid, who then was surrounded by the dodos on all sides and, seeing the baby far ahead, ran blindly on through the dodos, carrying the melon with him.

As he ran, arm outstretched, a number of the dodos ran into him and nearly surrounded him before he leapt in the air with the melon, crashing back down to the ground with the fruit, after which he did a small victory dance and threw the melon hard onto the ground, smashing it.

Though this puzzled Manny and annoyed Diego, the baby was content to be able to eat the melon that Sid had opened for him. That night, Sid changed the baby's full diaper and left the others to bury it somewhere so that other animals would not find them, after which Sid went on to look for his own food and found some in a tree: Sid returned to the others, having eaten nothing, and laid down to sleep after twisting and turning this way and that, to the annoyance of Manny.

The following morning, Sid awoke before Manny and Diego did and took the baby away to a hot mud crater, where he lounged and met two female sloths named Jennifer and Rachel , using the baby to impress them by exaggerating that he saved the baby from a pack of saber-toothed cats and wished for a child of his own, going on with his conversation, not noticing that the baby was sinking into the mud until he pulled him out and was splashed in the face with mud.

Manny, annoyed, then stepped in, taking the baby back so that Sid left the mud crater and chased after Manny, leaving the female sloths alone for a moment.

Sid chased after Manny, asking for the baby, but was denied: Manny deriding Sid's looks, and Sid called Manny out on his sharp humor, to which Manny let Sid go back to the females, though without the baby. Hurrying back to the mud crater, Sid jumped back in, expecting to find the two she-sloths but instead found Carl and Frank, soaking in the mud and angered once more upon finding Sid again.

Sid ran from the rhinos as fast as he could, finding Diego, which he asked to help him escape a beating from the rhinos. Sid then feigned being injured by calling out as if he were hurt, but Diego would not play along until Sid kicked him hard in the rear, prompting Diego to seize Sid's neck in his jaws. At that moment, when the rhinos came back, Sid appeared to be dead and feigned lifelessness, though, for a moment, Carl approached Sid closer, not believing him to be dead until he took in Sid's scent, which seemed to confirm it.

Carl and Frank left, disappointed at having lost their chance at getting Sid back. After the rhinos left, Sid, done pretending he was dead, tried to leave Diego's bite but could not, as Diego would not let go.

Manny stepped in and ushered them along, telling Diego to spit out Sid. Sid remarked then that he thought Diego would actually eat him, to which the saber replied that he didn't eat junk food, making Sid uneasy as they walked on. As they walked on, snow began to fall.

Sid, who was having a hard time keeping up, shortly resting on a geyser that he thought was a hole and was launched far up in the air, at which point he landed in it, and further on was picked on somewhat by the baby, who engaged the sloth in a poking game. Throughout the journey, the three underwent a number of peculiar moments facing the newly-transformed landscape, from the odd massive piece of ice sliding through the land like a train and Sid being thrown back from a giant slab of ice that couldn't maintain his weight, to "modern architecture": During their walk, Sid, to amuse himself, engaged in such merriment as throwing a snowball at Manny often and sliding along a frozen lake that the other two could not, though his actions caused him more trouble as he was soon stuck in an ice wall after sliding.

Further north, the trio, as led by Diego, appeared to be lost and Diego, refusing to ask directions, met Scrat, and Manny asked the small animal whether he had seen any humans.

Scrat had not, but had seen a number of saber-toothed cats go by, which he attempted to explain in a game of charades with the three of them: Scrat was soon silence when Diego, not wanting the squirrel to reveal any more, flicked him away, sending Scrat sliding down a hill. Sid, having thrown another snowball at Manny, was given a harsh leer from the mammoth, who, after having seen Sid be walloped by an even bigger snowball that resulted from Scrat's sliding down, dropped his crossness.

Further on, the blizzards struck even more, causing them all to suffer the cold: Diego developing icicles on his fangs, Manny having icicles on his tusks and even Sid's nose-drippings froze over into icicles.

The group, led on by Diego, reached an ice cave, though the saber had seen the humans nearby and was attempting to hide this from the others: Diego stated that he had found a shortcut. Through the ice cave, Diego said, they could reach the humans faster, but the other two were skeptical, notably Sid, who took one look at the cave, with its massive hanging icicles and declined. Diego, irate, shouted at the sloth to move, which resulted in an avalanche. The avalanche prompted them all to rush into the cave, but the falling snow and ice blocked the entrance.

Diego led the group through the ice tunnels, which, as he said it, were easy to get lost in, Sid not taking his advice as he got waylaid somewhat from the others.

During his walk through the ice cave, Sid ran into a number of ancient creatures trapped in the icy walls, from a frozen carnivorous fish to a frozen dinosaur , which left the sloth shuddering in fear. Walking further on, Sid found a number of frozen creatures in a row, consisting of a giant amoeba, a conodont, a buck-toothed amphibian to a primitive-looking prehistoric mammal, all of which shared his ovular head, sparse hair and buck teeth. Not long after, the baby, who was riding on Manny's back, slid onto a thin sliver of ice and away from the group, going down an icy tunnel consisting of slides.

The three animals, aghast, leapt right in, sliding through the ice tunnels as they chased after the baby, who saw the sliding as nothing more than a fun game. Sliding through the tunnels, Sid and the other two slid into different passages and were all spouted out in midair, falling into three more passages.

The baby slid on, with Sid in hot pursuit, laughing so as to amuse the baby as they slid on, finally reaching him before falling into a hole in the ice, releasing his grip on the baby.

After falling through the hole, Sid was launched out again and slid into another tunnel, landing and sliding on his head until he launched out once more and landed on Manny, who was sliding down the ice as well. Diego, who was sliding down upper-level tunnels, landed also on Manny, clawing the mammoth with his claws by mistake. The three mammals slid on until they reached a massive pointed pillar of ice, which Sid called out as an iceberg. The three mammals crashed into the pillar and it cracked off under their weight, but they were able to slide on it through some sharp upside-down icicles, grating down the pillar, and onto a series of sliding ice formations, through which they all three tried to catch the baby but were unsuccessful as the baby slid onto a piece of ice that faced upwards and was flung into the air.

Sid, still sliding, crashed directly into a wall of ice, followed by Diego and finally by Manny, who had caught the baby and who had brought the entire wall of ice down, coating them all with snow. After the sliding, Manny, Sid and the baby sat quietly, exhausted from the sliding and Diego alone ecstatically called out for a "round two" of sliding before sobering up and quietly asking them to tell the baby to be more careful.

The group moved on, reaching a vast cave filled with paintings done by humans of various animals, among them a painting of sabers attacking a herd of deer, Sid explaining to the baby that they were just playing tag with their teeth, prompting Diego to dryly remark to Sid that they must play tag and that Sid was "it". Moving on, Sid called out that there never were any sloths in the cave paintings but then noticed a painting of a mammoth that looked like Manny, complete with a female mammoth and calf: Manny stared on at the painting, haunted by what had once happened with his family: The baby, however, stepped in, which reminded Manny that not all was lost, and the mammoth, touched by that, held the baby close.

Having been moved by this, Sid wiped his nose and rubbed it off on Diego before they left the cave. Further on, the group grew closer to Half-Peak and Sid remarked to the laughing baby that he was closer to home before the sloth began to complain that his feet were sweating. With that, Sid called out in pain that the ground was hot, when, as he ran closer to the others, a loud rumbling erupted from underground and a blast of hot lava issued from beneath the ice, prompting the three animals to run away with the baby, escaping the lava.

The lava had melted a great chasm in the ice, leaving a thin walkway of ice above a massive pit of molten rock. The three animals were separated, with Sid and Manny, who was holding the baby, atop one pillar connected to the other side of the lava field and Diego, standing on one floe unconnected from the others. Sid, unaware, was trying to run away as fast as he could but only slid on the ice, hardly moving at all. Just then, Diego leapt forward with the others, Sid musing on how he wished he could jump that way, and Manny, granting the sloth's wish, booted Sid forward, sending him flying in the air, where he eventually fell to the ground, skidding and hitting his head on a rock.

Manny stepped forward on the already-crumbling ledge and managed to throw Diego off to safety on the other side while the mammoth himself fell into the lava pits as he stood on the already-breaking chunk of ice. Manny, in a twist of good fortune, was launched from the lava pit while on the chunk of ice that had broken off as he was standing on it. Sid rushed forward to Manny, standing on his trunk by mistake, and was elated to see that Manny was otherwise all right.

Diego noted that Manny might have died in saving him, to which Manny replied that those in a herd did those things, kept an eye out for one another, prompting Sid to declare that they were the "weirdest herd" he'd ever seen. As the new-found herd moved on, the night grew colder and harsher, a blizzard breaking out, forcing them all to stop for the night and find shelter in the form of a rocky area.

Diego and Manny derided this, suggesting that Sid draw the sloth more realistically by drawing the sloth lying down and rounder: Manny took the chalk from Sid and added a round belly onto it. Sid, not amused, tried to scribble the drawing out, resulting in sparks that caught onto a pile of kindling and straw, resulting in a fire.

Praising his discovery, Sid happily kissed the piece of chalk. Sid then decided to give Diego a new nickname, but Diego threatened Sid before he could finish and quickly changed his tone to a joking, almost brotherly tone as he roughhoused with the sloth before Manny called both their attention: Sid called the baby closer but the baby instead waddled towards Diego, hugging the saber.

Manny then decided to call it a night and put the baby to bed, and as he did, Sid remarked to Diego that Manny was not as tough as he seemed and that Sid himself had never had another friend willing to risk his own life for him before settling down for the night.

Walking closer to the human camp, Sid began to clean Roshan off as sloths did, with licks and wipes as Manny noted that the baby looked better after the cleaning. Only Diego was uneasy about taking the baby back, expressing that perhaps they had better not take the baby back, for someday the baby would grow to be a hunter. Sid stated that the baby might not hunt them, as they had rescued him once, which Diego derided. Manny called Diego out on his sourness, which Diego dismissed; at that moment, Diego led them away to a covered area, stating that there was an ambush nearby.

Diego explained, to Sid's and Manny's displeasure, that he was ordered by his pack leader to lead them to Half Peak, where the sabers in Diego's pack would ambush them.

Manny, furious at Diego's duplicity, pinned the saber by the neck to a rock wall with his tusk, but Diego pleaded to them both that they must trust him to escape, as he was their only hope. The three worked out a plan, with Sid as the bait, luring the sabers away with a decoy baby made of snow, wrapped in the baby's bundles.

Sid, waddling through the snow, appeared to move slow to the sabers before he hopped out of the snow and revealed he had set two pieces of wood on his feet, which he used as skis on the snow, the sabers in hot pursuit. During the chase, Sid ran into a large rock and one of the wood pieces was knocked off, prompting Sid to use only one, which he used to flee even quicker until he reached a sudden drop, which he fell into, slid towards an upward facing slope and was launched onto its ledge.

The sabers rushed to the bundles, which Sid had left behind as he slid upwards, only to find the snow decoy. Sid ran from the sabers, drawing them away towards Manny, who knocked three of them out with a log. As the sabers were knocked out, Sid returned to the baby, who was stowed in a hole in a rock wall, unaware that Zeke , one of the sabers, had followed him to the baby.

Sid reached the baby, who mimed that a saber was behind him: Sid returned to find Diego injured from an attack by Soto , Diego's pack leader, and Manny cornered by two other sabers: Soto hit a rock wall, jarring loose some icicles, which came down, impaling him. Sid, happy that the sabers were vanquished, quickly turned to sorrow as he saw that Diego was wounded.

Diego was losing consciousness fast and Sid, trying to keep Diego alive, pleaded for him to pull through, until Diego at last succumbed to his injuries. The humans had reached Glacier Pass and were about to move on when Manny and Sid found them.

Facing the baby's father, Runar , Manny raised his trunk and Runar readied his spear, Sid watching fearfully. Manny tugged the spear out of Runar's grip and threw it aside: The humans rushed to attack Manny, Sid still in fear, but Manny pulled his trunk back and revealed that he had their baby: Runar, shocked but in joy, called the others off as Manny set the baby down.

This was too much for Sid, who fainted dead away. Manny and Sid turned to leave as well, but the baby called out to Manny and Sid, and Runar, seeing this, set the baby down, allowing him to waddle to the two animals that had brought him back to his family. Sid and Manny both said their goodbyes, and Runar, grateful to them both, placed the trinket of beads that was once his son's before leaving on.

Sid, still emotional about the baby returning to his family, was beside himself as he called his goodbyes to the baby until he heard Diego's voice calling out that humans couldn't talk.

Sid quickly turned to joy and rushed forward to hug Diego, tackling him down and roughhousing with the saber in joy. Manny offered Diego, who was still sore from his ordeal, a ride, which the saber declined. Sid, on the other hand, accepted it, and Manny allowed him to. The three then decided to head south for the winter, together, Sid promising them he'd show them his favorite spots and expressing that he would prefer global warming over the cold.

Soon after, Manny, Sid and Diego reached warmer climates in the form of a valley surrounded by ice, at the end of which was a series of melting ice formations that crated naturally-occurring water slides and pools, frequented by herds of animals. With this, he briefly caught the eye of Rose , a female ground sloth who was interested in him for a moment while he was behind an ice block that made him look muscular, before seeing how out-of-shape when he walked out from behind the ice block.

The younglings he had as part of his camp, however, had no respect for their counselor, least of all a young aardvark named James , who was ruder than all the others together.

Disappointed that Sid had no candy inside him, the younglings buried him up to his neck, stamping his head down. Manny and Sid happened on the scene, Manny pulling Sid out of the dirt, where he stood and declared that he had set up a new day camp, neither of his fellow herd members taking his attempts seriously. Manny informed Sid that he was not qualified to run a camp, which Sid dismissed, claiming that qualifications had nothing to do with it.

Sid further stated that the younglings looked up to him, unaware that he was about to be tripped by Ashley as the young beaver fastened a vine around his ankles and shoved him down with the help of James.

Diego jeered that he could see how they looked up to him, to which Sid, still tripped up, angrily stated that neither Manny or Diego ever believed he could do anything. Sid started the herd and was an equal member, as he stated, which he felt merited respect.

With that, Sid, still tied up at the ankles, hopped off and left the scene, still tangled up in the vines and looking for a means of gaining respect.

Still on the lookout for a means in which to gain respect, Sid climbed to the top of a giant water slide called the Eviscerator: Manny and Diego, down at the slide's bottom, called for him to come down while other animals called for him to jump. Still uneasy about jumping, Sid counted down to three slowly when Manny and Diego came up quickly to the water slide's side to talk Sid out of it: Sid wished to be the first to jump off the Eviscerator and earn some respect.

Manny attempted to convince Sid that it would be fatal, but Sid readied himself to jump regardless. As Sid jumped, he was caught by Manny, who flung him backward over his shoulder: Sid had ended up directly under Manny and pulled himself out from under the mammoth's belly right in time to find Diego running from the ice that was splitting beneath him, revealing water.

Diego caught onto Manny's trunk and held on tight, to which Sid jokingly stated that he thought Diego was afraid of water, retracting his joke as Diego grabbed angrily onto his throat. Just then, Manny called out to them both that Fast Tony , an armadillo known for lying about an oncoming flood, was right: Manny knew that the ice would give way and the waters would flood the valley and called for Sid and Diego to go warn the other animals.

With that, Sid suggested that they all could rapidly adapt into water creatures, jokingly dubbing himself "Squid". As the herd left the scene, Sid broke off a small piece of ice and stated that it was all a mess that he couldn't believe he lived in. With a few stomps on the ice on which they stood, Sid mistakenly loosened the way and the three mammals slid straight down the Eviscerator.

Cheering with the rest of the group in the lake ahead, Sloth dives in to catch up with them. Chunk introduces Sloth to the rest of the gang and holds up a boulder blocking an entrance in the grotto to shore for them to escape. Chunk begs Sloth to come with them, but Sloth proclaims "Sloth love Chunk!

Eventually, Sloth is seen again along with the rest of the Fratellis and are handed over to the police who are there as the Goonies are reunited with their parents. Sloth is presumed to also be a criminal and is attempted to be arrested along with the rest of them, however, the Goonies intervene and stop the police, claiming that he's on their side. As the Fratellis go to jail, Chunk tells Sloth that he's now going to live with him and his family in their home, promising to take care of him. Eventually, The Inferno, finally freed from the grotto, sails off to sea once again, with Mikey personally waving goodbye.

However, Sloth roars and waves his arms in victory in honor of the ship, as the rest of the group do the same. Sign In Don't have an account? Retrieved from " http: The one major downside is that it is incompatible with some devices, particularly many Motorola phones.

While updates for the game have slowed, and service has transfered from Nexon to Valfoe in June of , Fantasy War Tactics R remains one of the better gacha games out there, particularly for those that prefer weapon gacha rather than hero gacha.

In a sea of the many Final Fantasy titles now available on Android, Brave Exvius is by far the most popular. It combines the graphics of Super Nintendo era Final Fantasy classics with addicting gacha collection elements.

While Brave Exvius might not have the gameplay depth of some of the other games on this best gacha games list, it is a must try for Final Fantasy fans. Players can take of having the higher ground, a good elemental match-up, an attack from behind, and more. Thanks to the fact the game has been out in Japan prior to heading West, The Alchemist Code has a lot of content, with over a hundred single player missions, many events, over 50 unique heroes to collect, and a story told in visual novel style cutscenes.

Unlimited Blade Works anime series. While these 5 games are definitely worth checking out, players should always be aware of the fact that online games do not last forever.

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