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Classic Vegas feel of dings, games and flashing lights. This is 21 and up, sorry kids but you can go next-door to the Adventuredome, the indoor amusement park. They have roller coasters, arcade games and free daily live circus acts on the midway starting at 11am. There a little "old Vegas" history here. It's one of the few remaining casino on the strip that was here the first time I came.

It's located on the northern end of the Strip adjacent to Circus Circus. It's one of the smallest casinos on the Strip. They use to have table games but those went away five or six years ago.

It used to be a really inexpensive place to gamble. It's was a cheap place to learn. Once you got a feel you'd be ready for the higher minimum casinos. Sad to see that go. The only thing they have now are slot machine and video poker. You can get free drink while playing the slots but it's on certain drinks so, you have to ask to see which ones. Beer is still really cheap anyway even if you buy there. They have pool tables too. They have a gift shop but everything in it is Circus Circus stuff no Slots-a-Fun merchandise.

I mean I get that MGM owns it now and they have said for years it would merge to Circus Circus but it hasn't yet, it's still Slots-a-Fun so I feel they should sell that type of merchandise. So I guess you can say the gift shop merged. I talked with someone who had knowledge of Slot-a-Fun and I guess the last owner died and the remaining family sold it to Circus Circus in This casino opened in and in the 70's was own by Carl Thomas.

He was a mob dude from Kansas City. He was a part of the Civella crime family there. He ended up getting convicted of Casino skimming. The skimming was from the Tropicana not Slots-a-Fun.

He was in charge of the skimming crew at the Tropicana. He was sentenced to 15 years but since he turned snitch he got off with two years.

He apparently turned snitch on the skimming guys at the Stardust. Anyway, the casino has quite a history and even though it's not much, I hope it doesn't go anywhere. I actually think the place could have some potential.

In fact I would like to buy it thank you. I would want to put table games back in there. I enjoyed going back in there and remembering what it looked like on my first visit there and how it had changed. I think the entrance is probably the closest casino entrance of any casino on Las Vegas Blvd.

The place was always pretty crowded when I first started coming to Las Vegas however the last few times there it wasn't crowded at all. It's worth a look anyway. Enjoy it, it's Las Vegas history.

We stumbled upon this place walking out of Circus Circus around 6 am the morning after eloping at the Bellagio fountains. We had partied all night and it was getting bright out and time to head back towards our hotel. This place was a worn out, tacky, run down, almost depressing if you were there to seriously try to gamble.

I didn't realize it was separate from Circus Circus. Now there were slot machines very old ones but it hardly could be called "Slots o fun" more like "Slots o gloom" or "Slots here won't be won" No one looked happy.

The food selection was grim. We were wasted and happy see pics so we had a some fun for the short time we were there. On our last trip, I wound up there again by mistake.

I went out of Circus Circus ya I know - but we stay in 5 star resorts so we like to slum it on occasion for some fresh air, and here it was - SOF. I just had to check to see if it was as bad as I remembered- and it was actually worse! It was dead empty. I am the only one there. The carpets stuck to my flip flops and it reeked of stale smoke yuck I sat at a machine to kill a few minuets, and some sketchy guy comes in and slides up rite beside me asks if the seats taken I say go ahead - mistake!

He must of been some low level pimp. He tries to pick me up and thankfully my husband shows up right at that time and we leave.

Bye bye SOF I won't be back! Not as fun anymore Slots A Fun was a place to come and still have the local atmosphere with down to earth tourists. In the 80's and 90's and maybe about 8 years ago you get dollar beers and dollar hot dogs.

No more hot dogs and the place was empty. A subway and a pizza place along with the tour bus stop took the place of an iconic area where it was "Fun".

I was told it is an "MGM" Property now which means squeeze the tourist for money and no labor. Another gobbled up establishment with corporate rules along with paid parking across the way at Circus Circus. How sad that places like these which were thriving that once held some nostalgia are now another tourist trap. So what is there to say about this place that hasn't been said It's super small, dark and not very fancy But I like to come here.

The cocktail waitresses come by very often and you can get good deals on food. They even added bowling and beer pong now.

I will keep coming back here as long as this place is still open I remember this place from like 10 years ago. Those were the days! Slots A Fun is basically a part of the Circus Circus property. It is a seperate building off of that main casino and just off Las Vegas Blvd. From what I've been able to ascertain, it opened sometime around It is a small, unassuming space. You will find a fair amount of slots, some old school arcade games, and a deli that offers some great deal on snacks!

The table games were taken out sometime around ish. That is a shame, too. That was one of the best features of this place was to have table games within a few feet of the sidewalk. I've only been in a few times in the last few years, but every time I go it's a ghost town.

There is just no energy to an empty building. I honestly think if they just spruced up the space a little bit and brought back the table games, than they would see a lot more foot traffic here.

I hope this actually is something they consider one day. Until than, it is just a lonely and depressing space Slots A Fun use to hold a dear spot in my heart up until the Rivera was torn down I met my girlfriend there on a blind date through a close friend of mine.

We would hangout there occasionally for a hour or two on a Friday, Saturday. We would play beer pong, pool, a few slot machines, video poker. Listen to some classic rock while having a ball. The only reason why we went there was for the beer specials. It's not looking to good only a few people last time I was inside.

After we bought our LAST round we just turned around and walked out. Don't plan on going back. That side of the strip is just to depressing. I wish Circus Circus all of the luck to keep open. Goodbye old buddy Vegas greed got you now. I'll start by saying, I'm really surprised this place still exists. If I could I would give it zero stars. From someone who's seen this place thriving at its best in the '80s it hard to imagine this place is still operating in its current condition.

This casino HAD it all, it had the excitement, cheap table games, free souvenirs, music, crowds, lots of slots, value and more value, etc My guess this place is still operating is, they don't want to give the adjacent Casino Circus Circus a bigger "eye sore" by closing it down prematurely before they continue to redeveloped that hurting north end of the strip.

I doubt they even bother reading their reviews. We're staying at circus circus and decided to check this place out for the beer pong and bowling. The bowling is automated which is kind of cool, until the ball return fails.

I informed the bartender that it failed he said he'd call someone for me. I tell the bartender I want my money back he tells me there's nothing he can do.

He was very rude. I wait 10 more minutes the attendant finally shows up I tell him I want my money back and he takes me to the bar and tells the bar tender to give me my money back.

So why did I wait 35 minutes just to get my money back from the bar tender I asked in the first place. Also the building is very small. Very few pool tables, like 4 beer pong tables and 4 short bowling lanes. Would give zero starts if possible. Love the name, but the actual place I don't know a whole lot about Vegas as I have only visited twice so far in my life. I do know this place dates back to the 70's and was kind of a big deal.

Yes, they offer cheap beer and snacks comparatively as well as some cheap souvenirs in their shop, but this place looks dark, dingy, and very tired. I think I read "seedy" in another review and that fits as well. I will say the drink service here was good, but I can't say the same for the actual drink.

The majority of the slots looked very old, but they were cheap so I guess you get what you pay for. Remember, if you have a players card from neighboring Circus Circus it will work in the machines here as well since CC owns this place. Slots A Fun does indeed have slots, but whether or not they are A fun is really relative. If I find my way to Circus Circus again I would stop by here for a few minutes, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

Not what it used to be. If you came to Vegas in the 90s you'll remember the many table games in the front, the nice dealers happy to teach you tips on table games like craps or blackjack. Gone are the days of blowing some time away at the slots or low minimum tables while you wait for friends to meet up with you as you down a cheap hot dog. This time we didn't try the hot dogs at the front so unable to comment on those. Located adjacent to Circus Circus, it's a bit of a dodgy ghost town now.

I wonder whether it'll be there the next time we visit. Too bad; it was a happening place before. I remember when we came on our honeymoon and stayed next door at the Westward Ho, which is where the Mcdonalds is: I think for sentimental reasons I still like this place.

They do have some cheap food and drinks but it is a small place. No hotel just to still have part of the old Vegas I remember it is nice to see but I am sure it will be gone someday like all the other ones. If you have never been in just stop by and check this place out. If you don't like the old Vegas and history then don't bother! This place has changed a lot since the last time I was here about 8 years ago. It is a shell of what it use to be. W hy choose us 1 Our company has a square meter factory, with 10 sales staff, over 10 technicians for your service in 24 hours.

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