Most Popular Slot Machine Cheats

He would go up to the roulette table and place a couple of chips down as his bet. There are as many as 3 million slot machines in brick and mortar casinos across the world. More advanced tactics were used in addition to simple mechanical means. Looking for information about one of the oldest cheating techniques when playing blackjack? He was eventually caught, however, and his tricks cost him seven years in prison. The Cheating Duo Bio.

Real Slot Machine Cheats

Slot Cheats in the Past

Shaved Coins Cheat — By shaving the edges of a coin, it would pass right through the slot and still register as a credit. This was effective in the early s, but it was also countered long ago. The Monkey Paw Cheat — A piece of metal bent into the shape of a claw, the Monkey Paw would be inserted into the machine until it reached the coin counter mechanism. From there, it was simple to make the machine overpay…at least until it was countered by new anti-cheating measures from the slot manufacturers.

The Light Wand Cheat — By shining a bright light into the machine, the player could trick the sensors into paying out large sums of coins.

The casinos caught on, though, and techniques were developed to counter it. Fake Coins Cheat — By producing fake coins, a cheater can insert them into the machine and play for free.

Unfortunately, the most likely outcome is that the cheater will get greedy and eventually wind up in jail. He was eventually caught, however, and his tricks cost him seven years in prison.

Alter the elements of chance, method of selection, or criteria which determines: Even if a person unsuccessfully tried to cheat or just conspired to cheat, they can be detained and arrested under the same law.

Because of the yo-yo like action of dropping the coin and pulling it back up, this method is also called yo-yo method. Some cheats have tried using this same trick with bills as well. They would attach a string to a bill instead of a coin before dropping it into the slot machine and pull it out once the money was registered. The problem with this method was that it involved a visible string coming out of the coin slot, which would be difficult to justify for the fraudster.

Since the discovery of yo-yo method, the slot machines have been modified to ensure that the coins once dropped into the machine can not be pulled out. The device was inserted into a slot machine through the payout outlet and used to tamper with the coin counter to cause overpayment. Such devices, when inserted into the machine, could generate fake signals so that credit would be registered without any coins being inserted. This enabled the cheater to play without making any payment or make money simply by cashing out.

Today most casinos use highly sophisticated machines that cannot be tampered with such devices. This was another popular method of cheating at slots used by fraudsters in olden days. The cheats realized that if they shaved off a tiny bit of a coin and dropped such coin in a slot machine, the coin would be registered, but it would be rejected and discharged.

This meant that the person could keep using the same coin again and again to add credit just like the coin and string method, but without the disadvantage of a visible string sticking out. In order to avoid such cheating, many casinos started using tokens instead of coins in their slot machines. But cheaters have tried the same trick with tokens as well i. Fraudsters have even tried cheating casinos using foreign coins. They used foreign coins having a close resemblance to the US currency, but a very low value.

The value of these foreign coins would be as much as ten times lower than the American coin it would be mistaken for. This resulted in a significant loss for the casinos. But it is almost impossible to fool the advanced slot machines of today with such a trick. The use of counterfeit money is not exactly a slot cheating method, but slot machines are often used to launder fake bills.

Good quality fake bills can closely resemble the real ones and the electronic sensors on slot machines may not be able to catch the difference. This means that there was no way to catch the cheat as he will be long gone by the time the machine is opened and fraud discovered.

Some cheats have even tried producing fake tokens that resemble the ones offered by a particular casino. The disadvantage of these methods is that producing fake bills or tokens is not so easy. His approach to figuring out ways to beat a slot machine was simplicity itself.

He would buy a machine, take it apart, and think about how the machine paid out money from a mechanical perspective. Cheaters online spend their time cheating players out of their money, not the casinos. They claim to have all kinds of inside information about how slot machines work, and they sell this information for ungodly amounts of money. It also claims to help you apply your common sense regarding slot machine decision making.

Slot machines are entirely random. I can decide which machine to play, if any, and I can decide how much to gamble. But none of that is going to help me become a winner on a consistent basis, and the reason is simple:. A negative expectation game is one in which you stand to lose more than the odds of winning suggest.

The odds of winning are 1 to 1, and the payout is also 1 to 1.

What Defines Slot Machine Cheating?

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