2013 DICE Award nominations led by Journey, Walking Dead, Far Cry 3

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Mods are also supported in this new installment which adds a new layer of complexity to the gameplay and makes the custom games more exciting. The central characters are members of the resistance, some of the few people who chose not to surrender and try to expose the truth behind this occupation.

They will face some of the classic enemies from Enemy Unknown, but also new alien types such as the Viper, wielding modern weapons.

Players will be able to share the missions and enemy types they created using the Steam Workshop and compete in the original one versus one multiplayer mode made popular by easiest game. It is entirely up to the players to choose a stealthy approach and fly below the radar or take the fight to their enemies.

They can recuperate the bodies of fallen soldiers and they can also be healed on the battlefield, as extraction is usually a solution of last resort. In these scenarios, the goal is to complete the objectives as quickly as possible before returning to the extraction point.

Another important addition to the new game is that players will be able to complete secondary objectives, in addition to the main targets.

In the wake of the Council nations surrendering unconditionally, the entire planet has fallen under the control of the invaders. They promise to build a better world but in secret they are trying to eradicate all pockets of resistance, while following their dark plan. The latter are trying to induce the idea that the aliens are not that bad after all, which further complicates the mission of the resistance.

Central characters of the original game return back in the spotlight, aided by Dr. They refused to give in to the ongoing propaganda and under the ever watchful eye of the Central Officer Bradford, do their best to fight back. Overall the campaign is rather linear, but hitting each milestone is immensely rewarding. XCOM 2 was announced in the second quarter of and it was officially revealed in a cinematic trailer, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo Some of the key members that worked on Enemy Unknown have returned to assist the development team and to make the new title consistent with the original.

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