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Career Options and Requirements. Degree programs normally include one or more internships at a casino. Plus, even the hands-on practice required, such as the shuffle, pitch and chip handling, can be done from home - We even offer very affordable practice kit add-on options for accomplishing this. Today, most of these reservations "are located in remote areas with little indigenous economic activity…[They] have some of the highest rates of poverty, unemployment, welfare dependency, school dropout, alcoholism, and other indicators of poverty and social distress of any communities in the U. Will this be confusing for me? States began lobbying the federal government to allow states to regulate Indian gaming. A course in hospitality law teaches future casino managers about the rules and regulations of the service industry.

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Our work with gaming organizations around the globe has redefined management and executive gaming education with original, strategic, relevant and highly collaborative courses and programs that connect leading-edge concepts with real-world demands. The Executive Development Program is designed for those whose roles are to think strategically — about product, attractions, casino environment, employee development, community relations, partnerships and exceptional customer service.

The program increases your capacity to lead and manage in a changing environment and prepares you to think strategically and reshape your organization. Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno is offering select gaming management courses in a fully online format.

Earn recognition for your commitment to excellence with a visible educational credential from the University of Nevada, Reno Gaming Management Program demonstrating your mastery of the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for successful management in the gaming industry today.

The University of Nevada, Reno's Gaming Management Program is proud to offer this exclusive four-day training opportunity. Just a few weeks later, as I was nearing my graduation, a manager from a local Indian Casino named Jackson Rancheria came to the school to watch myself and the other students deal poker. To make a long story short? I am now employed at Jackson Rancheria in the table games department as a poker dealer!!! Thanks California Casino College! It was a great experience and I wanted to thank you and all of your staff at the Casino College for helping me become a professional casino dealer" - Phillip E, Las Vegas Nevada - Casino College Graduate.

We Guarantee your satisfaction! Hours of Instructional video broken down into easy to understand segments, plus built in note taking module Decide you want to attend one of our brick and mortar school? It went very well. The Casino College Online was designed to be used by. Dealing Cards is a skill that must be learned Demand for trained Casino Dealers has never been higher and the Casino College Online can give you the edge you need and get you working as a Casino Dealer faster.

Due to the extreme growth of the gaming industry there simply aren't enough trained dealers to fill all of the positions. Most dealer jobs require only that you pass the job audition to have a shot at the open spot, and our Online Training Program can teach you the skills necessary to do just this! There are countless Casino Dealer Job vacancies just waiting to be filled.

Click here to see a small list of Casino Job Openings. The Casino College Online is the only online casino training program backed by brick and mortar Casino Schools , with campuses in California, Washington, Michigan and Mississippi, that have literally placed thousands of Casino Dealers in some of the most famous casinos in the world.

Click Here to see a list of recent Casino College Graduates and school photos. In fact, the Online Course uses the same exact course materials our brick and mortar schools use to train casino dealers. If after enrolling in the Online Course, you decide you'd like to enroll in one of our Schools, the full enrollment price for the online course will be deducted from your tuition.

This also means that you can count on the Casino College Online being around for some time to come. Yes, you really can! Dealing Poker and Blackjack are hands-on jobs - we don't deny that. However, a huge amount of the skill required is mental, and can easily be learned via a computer based training system. Plus, even the hands-on practice required, such as the shuffle, pitch and chip handling, can be done from home - We even offer very affordable practice kit add-on options for accomplishing this.

Some general courses in business that might be taken include those in economics and accounting. Casino marketing courses show how to effectively promote casinos, particularly in conjunction with the restaurants, hotels and concert halls with which casinos are affiliated. Sales techniques, promotions, targeted marketing and merchandising are key components of a casino marketing course. Since casinos often appear in areas with other casinos, the knowledge of how to differentiate one casino from the rest is critical.

For this reason, casino marketing courses appear in virtually all casino management degree programs. While casino managers have their own sets of responsibilities separate from those of hotel managers, casino managers still need to understand the basics of hotel management. Knowledge of hotel management helps casino managers to attract hotel customers to their casino and work with the hotel manager to maximize visibility and sales for both businesses.

Hotel management is often taken towards the end of a casino management program so that students can see where a casino can benefit a hotel and vice versa.

The operation and profitability of a casino is based on odds and probability; therefore, it is necessary for casino managers to have at least an above-average understanding of math. A course in probability can help aspiring casino managers understand the mathematical probabilities of the games at the casino. The ability to quickly calculate probability and complex math can help managers assist the casino staff on the gaming floor.

A course in hospitality law teaches future casino managers about the rules and regulations of the service industry. Students learn about the laws that govern the restaurants and hotels that are affiliated with casinos, including labor laws and hotel liability. The course also covers casino law, particularly regulations that prevent cheating; some schools include information about casino surveillance technology in their hospitality law offerings.

Hiring an efficient and hard-working staff is one of the roles of a casino manager. Courses on casino staffing apply fundamental management concepts to the practices used in hiring individuals for gaming, security and hospitality positions.

This course also covers how to assess employee performance and establish the procedures employees must follow with regard to casino table games. Government regulations regarding casino hiring practices are explored in this course.

Career Options for a Degree in Hospitality Management. Students interested in studying casino management typically enroll in a hospitality and tourism or hotel and restaurant Research online casino management courses and bachelor's degree programs. Find out what you can learn in these courses and what If you are interested in graduate study related to casino management, you may consider a master's degree in hospitality Learn about important considerations when selecting an online casino management school.

Keep reading to get an overview of the The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Casino Management Courses and Classes Overview Casino managers must know advanced math and be able to work well with the managers of other businesses associated with the casino. Essential Information Casino management courses are most often found in casino management and hospitality management certificate and associate degree programs, although there are some standalone courses and bachelor's degree programs available in this field.

Here are some common concepts taught in casino management courses:

List of Casino Management Courses

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